Witchy Life Story visual novel now available on Steam

Witchy Life Story, a cozy visual novel following a chaotic teen’s first two weeks on the job as a village witch, is now available for PC users on Steam. The game blends gardening, tarot readings, guided meditations, and potion brewing in this witch life simulator.

Players will help or curse the villagers by filling their orders for spells and rituals, but things are not always what they seem.

Players must get to know their new friends to figure out what’s troubling them, and how to help. They can also decorate their in-game home with the various spells, crystals, and plants collected throughout Flora.

The game retails at $19.99.

Witchy Life Story is developed by indie developer Sundew Studios. In 2019 the studio released The Window Box, a dark comedy visual novel about five friends confronting the conflict in their lives.

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