Video Game Blogs

8-4 ( 8-4 is a video game localization company based in Shibuya, Tokyo. They’ve translated plenty of games, such as Dragon Quest VI and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.

Cybershell ( Cybershell plays Sonic the Hedgehog games and is quite an entertaining Let’s Player. He isn’t the best person at playing Sonic and his remarks and reactions to screwing up and comments on the games themselves are pretty entertaining. He doesn’t update much these days, but he has videos of every level from Sonic 1-3 on his Youtube Channel.

Gamespite ( Jeremy Parish’s game portal includes a blog and an awesome message board called Talking Time. Site participants work together on video game articles that are made into books and the writers are pretty damn good. One of the most entertaining parts of Gamespite is the Let’s Play thread in Talking Time where board members take on games and walk you through the whole adventure.

Hardcore Gaming 101 ( Insightful posts by the people behind the video game information powerhouse.

Legends of Translations ( If you love video game translations and want a more in-depth analysis than this website will leave you very entertained.

Video Game Fan Sites

JUNKER HQ ( Filled with tons of information about Hideo Kojima’s Snatcher

Sega-16 ( Weekly updates on the Sega Genesis – with reviews and articles dating back many years – If you’re thinking about playing a Genesis game then make sure to look here

Starmen ( EarthBound/Mother 3 fan site with tons of goods.

Video Game Industry

Game Developer

Game Developer ( Great articles on the current state of the video game industry with in-depth articles by industry gurus as well as some great perspectives that you won’t find on other websites.

Latinx in Gaming ( Latinx in Gaming serves as a platform to connect with Latinos across the gaming industry, promote cultural appreciation, representation in games/game-related content, and provide a platform for the Latinx community to elevate each other and themselves.

Video Game News

Game Informer (


Kotaku (

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