Dragon Quest Switch playthroughs

Lately, I have enjoyed a Dragon Quest binge playing Dragon Quest I & II on the Nintendo Switch and now near the end of Dragon Quest III. The throwback was inspired by a PlayStation 4 digital playthrough of Dragon Quest XI.

I still have a tendency to call it “Dragon Warrior” after growing up on the U.S. Dragon Warrior VII. That game is probably still one of my favorites of all time, despite most people disliking the ugly graphics for the time period. I care more about storylines and it delivers.

The best versions of Dragon Quest I & II are the Game Boy Color (GBC) versions, in my opinion.

Despite owning the iOS versions for sometime, the GBC versions just shine in contrast.

The Switch versions do deliver at the price though, especially when they are on-sale, which they frequently are. Of the three games available, Dragon Quest II is the most enjoyable and balanced. Dragon Quest I is just a little too short and has no characters really besides the Hero and Dragon Quest III can be infuriating at times due to varying gaps in level grinding needed.

There is nothing like the moment you finally get a ship and can explore the world. Dragon Quest games are pretty linear until this part.

After nearly beating all 3 Dragon Quest games available on the Nintendo Switch, I can confidently say that they are worth it and I would recommend buying them for any downtime you might have. There is something great about having Dragon Quest to play on-the-go. Tip: Be sure to safe often as the game would occasionally crash and there is nothing worse than losing progress after level grinding.

It would be great if the NES versions were also ported to Nintendo Switch Online at some point, especially Dragon Quest IV. It’s probably too soon for a port of the DS versions. Although I do have Dragon Quest VIII on my iPhone, which seems like a bit much.

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