Unusual Findings 80s throwback mystery indie game coming Oct. 12

Unusual Findings, an upcoming pixel art based classic point & click adventure is now available for wishlisting on the PlayStation Store and pre-ordered on the XBOX Store. The game is being published by ESDigital Games and developed by indie developer Epic Llama Games.

The sci-fi detective mystery game is a throwback to the 80s where players seek the truth behind an imminent alien invasion. Each decision made by the player will change the storyline and impact relationships made. The game plays homage to The Goonies, Monster Squad, Terminator, Aliens and The Lost Boys.

The game will feature thematic synthwave music arranged into tunes that are made exclusively for the game to power up the 80s vibes for full immersion.

Unusual Findings will be coming to Steam, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

Epic Llama is a small indie game developer based in Argentina. The team released a point-and-click adventure called “Darkestville Castle” on Steam, iOS & Android in 2017 and later on consoles in 2020.

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