Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars coming Oct. 11 to PC and consoles

Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars, an action RPG from publisher tinyBuild and developer Acme Gamestudio, is launching Tuesday, Oct. 11 on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, as well as Xbox One and Series consoles.

Asterigos is a high-fantasy “souls-like” action-RPG set in a world inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. Set in the forsaken city of Aphes, young warrior Hilda embarks on a quest to uncover its secrets and discover the truth behind the terrible curse that has transfigured its inhabitants into deadly monsters.

Trained in arts both martial and mystical, Hilda wields a varied arsenal of weapons conventional and otherwise including the familiar sword & shield, dual blades, spears and hammers to spellcasting implements, such as magic staves and enchanted armlets.

The city of Aphes includes a warren of tunnels, dungeons and crystal-lined caverns. Treasure and mystery await those willing to explore it.

A demo is playable now on Steam​​​​​​​, with the full game launching next week.

tinyBuild is a Seattle-based video game label behind the Hello Neighbor franchise and over 30 other renowned titles, including Potion Craft, Graveyard Keeper and Streets of Rogue.

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