Video game composers unite for Halloween album

Scarlet Moon is releasing its inaugural Halloween remix series to companion annual Christmas series, featuring remixes from Castlevania, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, DOOM, and Metroid. Scarlet Moon’s sister brand, Violet Moon, promotes independent videogames.

Scarlet Moon Halloween will feature Halloween-flavored themes remixed and rearranged as well as other game music tracks done up in Halloweens style. Scarlet Moon Halloween Volume I is now available on digital storefronts.

“While I love Christmas music, Halloween is actually my favorite holiday,” notes Scarlet Moon’s Jayson Napolitano. “We’ve always wanted to start up a Halloween series, and we’ve finally got around to doing it. Please look forward to the results of our continued mission to make game music a lifestyle!”

The full trackless for Scarlet Moon Halloween Volume I is:

  1. bLiNd – Kraid’s Brew (“Kraid’s Lair” from Metroid)
  2. Jordan Chin – Vampire Killer (from Castlevania)
  3. Sean Schafianski – Silent Hill (Short Ver.) (from Silent Hill)
  4. Mustin – Night of the Chozos (“Menu Theme” from Metroid Prime)
  5. Peter Reid Jones – Sinister Moon (“Sinister [E2M6]” from DOOM)
  6. Jamphibious – A Moment of Relief (from Resident Evil: Code Veronica)
  7. Sean Schafianski – Silent Hill (Long Ver.) (from Silent Hill)

More information is available at

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