Terror: Endless Night coming to PC and consoles in 2023

Terror: Endless Night has released its first demo and trailer for Steam Festival. Fans of “The Terror” book or tv show under the same name are sure to enjoy Terror: Endless Night as well.

In the game, gamers will take care of their crew and manage your ship while it’s stuck on the ice during its voyage to rescue HMS “Erebus” and HMS “Terror”, which played the first fiddle in the aforementioned works. In the demo, however, you’ll witness the last days of Erebus, and see the crew.

Players will go on a rescue mission into the harsh cold of the Arctic Ocean in search of HMS “Erebus” and HMS “Terror” in this turn-based strategy game.

Terror: Endless Night is coming to PC and consoles in 2023.

Feardemic Games sp. z o.o. is a publisher of computer games and related entertainment products that focuses on the horror genre. Feardemic’s mission is to “deliver to its audience quality entertainment experiences that evoke the most interesting and what some believe to be the most important of human emotions: fear, trepidation, and revulsion.”

Feardemic publishes predominately games developed by third parties and publishes games on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles.

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