Marauders looter shooter available on Steam Early Access Oct. 3

Team17 and Small Impact Games announced today that PvPvE looter shooter Marauders will release into Steam Early Access next week on Monday, Oct. 3. Players who pre-ordered the game can join the raids immediately and begin playing today.

Marauders is an upcoming hardcore multiplayer looter shooter set in an alternative 1990s where The Great War never ended, Earth has been industrialised to a breaking point, and many have fled to the stars.

Players will band together with a crew of up to three other players to navigate a hostile battleground, hunt for loot, craft new weapons and gear, and salvage what’s needed to survive. Players can use XP to unlock new items and increase their chances of survival , while keeping their best gear match-to-match.

Those who pre-order the game now will receive 10% off their purchase, immediate access to the game, and the Space Pirate pack, which includes an exclusive helmet and body cosmetic item.

Small Impact Games is an independent development studio based in the UK. The company has over 20 years of combined industry experience and includes alumni from Codemasters, Headstrong Games, Electronic Arts, and Rocksteady Studios. Team17 Digital is a leading developer, video games label, and creative partner for developers around the world.

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