Blind Fate: Edo No Yami hardcore action game out now on Nintendo Switch

Indie developer Troglobytes Games and international publisher 101XP have announced the release of hardcore action game, Blind Fate: Edo No Yami, on Nintendo Switch, joining PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Gamers can enjoy a cyber samurai game set in post-apocalyptic Japan.

The Switch version is available now, while a dedicated Japanese version for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 is set for release in October 2022.

The game sends players into a dark and machine-filled sci-fi Edo period as the Shogunate rules Japan, with their power and prestige rooted deep within society. The main character, a samurai assassin, was blinded while working for their master. They must rely on sound, smell, and heat to navigate the world. The Mask of the Oni will create a simulation of the world around you based on memories that may be false.

“The past few years have been full of emotion and hard work, and we couldn’t be prouder to finally showcase Blind Fate: Edo No Yami to the world! Everyone at Troglobytes has given their all to this game, it’s been a huge leap forward for us as a development team, and we hope you’ll see that in the end result!” shared Saverio Caporusso, CEO and Game Designer at Troglobytes Games.

“We’re excited to finally be able to share our passion project with all of you, and wish that you will enjoy it just as much as we have done creating it. We’ll see you in the Dojo!”

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