Espresso Tycoon Prologue: Underwater coming to Steam in October

Espresso Tycoon Prologue: Underwater is coming in October 2022 for PC on Steam as a standalone free game. The game is developed by DreamWay Games S.A., a game development studio based in Wrocław, Poland.

The underwater location was chosen by the players and all the locations will be added to the full version of the Espresso Tycoon.

The aim of the game is for players to build a successful coffee business in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. The player takes on the role of the owner of an underwater cafe in Sydney. Their job is to build the cafe from scratch, decorate it, hire staff, and make customers happy.

Customers will grab a cup of coffee in the surroundings of jellyfish or sharks under the sea. Over 200 decorations can be used to make the coffee shop players want.

Players can create new recipes with different cups, layers of coffee, milk, water, and other ingredients, toppings and latte arts. Check customers’ preferences, analyze the amount of calories, caffeine or allergens.

The player has to complete all the mission’s objectives, which will require ordering supplies (delivered by submarine), collecting rating points, and making new coffee recipes. Features are also being added to raise awareness of sea animals, ocean pollution, and producing too much trash.

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