Celebrate National Talk Like A Pirate Day with the release of Plunder Panic on consoles and PC

Plunder Panic is out now on Windows PC/Mac, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck with full cross-platform play. The game is available at $19.99. The pirate-themed online multiplayer brawler is out just-in-time for National Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Plunder Panic blends pixel graphics with modern gameplay elements in piracy-filled matches. Two teams of up to six players face off against each other, utilizing a variety of weapons, enchanted items, and power-ups. Matches begin as rival teams anchor their ships on opposite sides of the same island.

“It has been a long journey getting Plunder Panic ready to ‘set sail,’ and we couldn’t be more proud of our game,” said Will Jeffery, Will Winn Games co-founder.

“It’s thrilling to finally pull the trigger and invite players to experience something we’ve poured our hearts and souls into.”

Players form a crew of up to 6 pirates to compete. They can Play 1v1 all the way up to 6v6 (including AI). Players can play local co-op, invite online friends to private lobbies, and also go into matchmaking.

Teams can claim victory by plundering enough gold into their treasure chest, scuttling the other crew’s ship, or defeating the rival crew’s captain.

Weapons include the Blunderbuss, molotov cocktails, and dynamite to play enhancing items such as pirate punch and enchanted idol. Squids can also be used to ink pirates.

The retro-focused soundtrack is a throwback to an older generation.

“Watching Plunder Panic grow from a prototype initially developed by the extraordinary team of talented student employees from MSU’s Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) Lab into a full-fledged commercial release with online multiplayer support and crossplay has been a dream come true,” said Brian Winn, Will Winn Games co-founder and MSU professor.

“The Will Winn Games crew is extremely excited about what we have created and know that players from all the seven seas will have a blast playing Plunder Panic.”

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