Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack adds 3 more SEGA Genesis games to line-up

Nintendo Switch Online has added three classic SEGA Genesis games for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members.

ALISIA DRAGOON is a platformer and shooter game originally released on the SEGA Genesis in 1992. The player controls controls Alisia, a young woman who is on a quest to avenge her father and save the world. The game soundtrack was composed by a small company called “Mecano Associates,” led by Fumihito Kasatani (Silpheed, Bullfight: Ring no Hasha, Zeliard).

Beyond Oasis, also known as The Story of Thor in Europe and Japan, is an action-adventure game developed by Ancient and published in the U.S.A. on the SEGA Genesis in 1995. The game has a Legend of Zelda-feel to it. The soundtrack was composed by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, Shenmue). Beyond Oasis enjoyed positive reviews from game critics when it was released and re-released in recent years.

Earthworm Jim is a side-scrolling platform game developed by Shiny Entertainment. Gamers play as an earthworm named Jim battling evil. The head of the development studio, David Perry, also worked on Disney’s Aladdin, Cool Spot, and Global Gladiators for the SEGA Genesis.

Happy retro gaming!

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