Food Truck Simulator now available on Steam

Food Truck Simulator is now on Steam. The latest in a growing number of food-related simulators. It is available at $19.99 and will be discounted at $17.99 through September 21. The game allows the player to renovate, equip, and restore the food truck that belonged to their father.

Create your own menu items and specials in Food Truck Simulator.

Create recipes, cook the food, and serve customers across an entire city. Customize and upgrade your food truck to reach more customers and expand your menu. Players can adjust anything from the exterior’s color to the interior layout, the bumpers, lights, and wheels.

The detailed cooking system allows for a wide-variety of products to offer and specials. The power is in the player’s hand.

It wouldn’t be a truck simulator without traffic.

The game also includes a traffic system, putting the “truck” in food truck. Fighting traffic in a food truck should be no surprised to anyone.

Food Truck Simulator was developed by DRAGO Entertainment and is now available.

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