Journey into the mind of Sigmund Freud in Freud’s Bones – The Game

Freud’s Bones – The Game is now available to play in English on Steam. Developed by one woman development “team” Fortuna Imperatore, known as Axel Fox in Italy. The narrative adventure immerses players in the psyche of the Father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud.

Players can save or condemn neurotic, perverse and hysterical patients, walk through Vienna and visit Café Eckmann to get money out of the “bourgeois bigots” to print your studies, increase Freud’s fame by gaining praise from the community, and more.

Find more information on the game at

Freud’s Bones was born from a Kickstarter campaign that raised €15,500 (around $15,600) from around the world and is developed by Fortuna “Axel Fox” Imperatore. The game will be offered at 33% during its first week to celebrate the launch of the title on Steam.

Find it online at:

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