New Dragon Quest games announced including Dragon Quest XII and Dragon Quest III remake for Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary

Last night, Yuji Horii held a Dragon Quest event on YouTube for the 35th Anniversary Anniversary of the series and announced a number of new Dragon Quest games coming soon.

I’d like to thank the fans who have always loved the DRAGON QUEST series and who have continued to support it throughout the years, along with the new players who are just beginning their journey in the world of DRAGON QUEST. I hope we can continue to celebrate the series for another 35 years to come!

Yuji Horii

Perhaps the most exciting games announced are a remake of Dragon Quest III and an apparent leak by Horii that remakes of Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II could also be on the way.


Dragon Quest XII was also announced although few details were available such as what system it will be on or when it will be released. Horii did say that changes are coming to the battle system, which has stayed quite traditional over the last 35 years with turn-based combat.

The game will be released worldwide simultaneously, which is probably a relief for fans who often have to wait for Dragon Quest games that often do not make it overseas (Dragon Quest X being the top example). Many were loudly complaining about the Dragon Quest X portion of the announcement being translated in English despite no plans to bring the game out west.


Another game announced is Dragon Quest Treasures which features Mia and Erik from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age and Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi, a free-to-play mobile puzzle game for iOS and Android devices that will feature popular Dragon Quest series characters, monsters, and items as erasers which are used to erase graffiti in the game.

More details will be available soon.

You can watch the entire event here:

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